Management Team


The Bionit management team has both the business experience and technical depth to advance the project from a venture to a successful business.  The members are:

Dr. NICHOLAS SCHULZ, Chairman of JGS Research and owner of the Bionit technology.  Advanced the development of Bionit for the past 12 years.

Mr. TIMOTHY A. METERKO, CTO, ME Chemical Engineering, SUNY/Buffalo.  Over 30 years business development with Pennwalt, OxyChem, Corning, Grant Forest Products, and Syntec Biofuel.  OxyChem Inventor of the Year and holder of 2 US patents.  Has spent the last 7 years as consultant/CTO in alternative fuels with emphasis on biomass-to-biofuels processes.

Dr. GEORGE M. KOSANOVICH, Business Development Consultant, PhD Chemical Engineering and Harvard Business School.  Past President/CEO of multiple entities, including 3 publicly traded.  Over 13 years experience in Biofuels and Canadian forestry sector with emphasis on biomass-to-biofuels technologies. Over 23 years business development with OxyChem.

Dr. BRIGITTE F. SCHMIDT, Senior Scientist, PhD Chemistry, Univ. of Kaiserslautern.  Senior Research Chemist, Research Faculty, Carnegie-Mellon University.  Managed the Bionit development lab for the past 10 years.